Humanizing technology and engineering

Humanizing technology and engineering

Humanizing technology and engineering

Working at Danfoss

Working at Danfoss

Working at Danfoss

From March to June 2023, I had the fantastic opportunity to work at Danfoss as a UX Design intern in Denmark.

During this period, I collaborated with the New Product Development team, concentrating on crafting innovative IoT solutions.

Throughout these months, my primary challenge was consistently prioritizing the users while also respecting the technical feasibility – a delicate task that emphasizes the importance of UX design.

I had the chance to engage in various stages of the process, including data gathering, brainstorming, ideation, and creating design illustrations, wireframes, and animations. The project concluded with the implementation of evaluative studies.

While all the projects I worked on are under NDAs, I will highlight my main learnings from working as UX Designer in an engineering company.

"There's a big difference between making a simple products and making a product simple"

Design is everywhere and every experience should be enhanced and supported.


4 months

My role

UX Design intern

Main tasks

Generative research,

UI design, evaluative studies


Figma, Miro Protopie …